Many first time divers are usually very anxious about car drivers education. It’s your first time behind the wheel, and while you’re most likely excited, you’re probably nervous because you don’t know what to expect. So, to help calm your nerves and better prepare yourself for what’s to come, we’ve listed a few things to expect on your first day of drivers education.

Be Prepared To Ask Questions To Your Driving Instructor

Before the day of your driving lesson, it’s best to go through your driving manual and come up with a list of questions to ask your driving instructor. This can better prepare you for driving, and reduce the chance of you making any mistakes along the way. Even if the question is not directly related to the driving manual, write it down and ask about it. Your driving instructor is there to help, and if your question can help you become a safer driver they will be more than willing to answer. Remember that driving instructors know the rules of the road the best, so don’t rely too much on other people’s answers about driving.

Expect To Know The Basics Before Hopping Into The Driver’s Seat

Know the basics before you end up sitting in the driver’s seat. Remember that you’re going to be driving in traffic alongside other people. You want to make sure you follow the rules of the road and not cause any accidents to the people around you. Make sure you know what each light represents, as well as what flashing arrows mean. Also, make sure you know the basic signs you may run into while driving. Chances are you won’t encounter every sign in the handbook, but if you can recall which ones are around your area then make sure you understand what they represent.

You Will Be Driving

Be mentally prepared to sit in the driver’s seat and drive on your very first day of lessons. While your driving instructor may not take you to a busy area, you still will be in charge of driving the vehicle. This means you should be well rested and be able to focus on your day of driving. Try to avoid staying up late or taking anything that will cause you to lose focus. Lastly, make sure you know every part of the vehicle. This means knowing to put on your seatbelt, what the letters mean on the gear shift, and knowing how to adjust and check mirrors properly.


If you come prepared and know what to expect during the lessons it’s highly likely you won’t make mistakes and will be able to stay calm and focus on the road. Being well prepared is key to staying calm and doing the best you can when driving. This will ensure that you don’t risk putting you or someone else in harm’s way once you’re on the road. Don’t let the nerves get the best of you during auto drivers education.